A Targeted Approach To
Political & Commercial Communication




A Track
Record of

Digital Marketing

Whether you are mobilizing your base
or convincing swing voters,
your campaign needs a specific,
targeted message to each voter.
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Voter Mapping

The New Way to Communicate
with Your Customers, Voters, and Leads.

With On Target Messaging, you are able to send ads to households segmented by party affiliation, gender, race, or any number of data points. That means registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can all receive tailored messaging which is verified and based on empirical data, not online cookies or “predictive models.”

By matching a physical address to an IP address at a 1:1 scale, IP Targeting can become a secret weapon for any political campaign. By using voter databases and CRM data lists, you can rest assured that your political message is relevant and effective to the household you’re targeting.

Digital Delivery Enables Us to Provide a Much Higher Frequency (50x-90x) than the Traditional Avenues of Direct Mail, TV, Radio, or Print.

Optimizing Your
Social Media Presence

Just having a Facebook or Twitter page doesn’t cut it anymore.

Successful political campaigns require up the minute, engaging, and captivating content to reach your supporters on a variety of platforms.

Alexander Pantinakis

Founder of On Target Messaging, Alexander Pantinakis is a marketing, digital advertising, and political strategist with a record of success in the private, political, and non-profit fields.

Pantinakis is known for his focus and attention to detail in crafting a persuasive message. In addition, a top priority for his clients is ensuring that the message is presented to the right audience.

He and his wife Lindsay live in Jacksonville, Florida. Pantinakis has held a variety of leadership roles at local and statewide levels:

  • Former State Committeeman, Republican Party of Florida
  • Chair, Public Relations Committee, Friends of the St. Johns River Ferry
  • Past Chair, Subcommittee on Public Records and Information
    Sheriff’s Strategic Initiative: Transparency Task Force
  • Task Force Member, 50th Anniversary of Consolidation
  • Alternative Delegate, 2016 Republican National Convention
  • Leadership Fellow, James Madison Institute 2017-2018